As Angarsk got into the photo action "24 hours of Russia

As Angarsk got into the photo action In the Russian magazine "Russian reporter" in the room for 4-18 August a photograph whose author - angadanan, teacher AGTA, PhD Boris CHECHAT. In the photo – wall of the Angarsk hospital, scribbled happy fathers.As told to our newspaper, Boris Fedorovich, the magazine "Russian reporter" he started reading a year ago and has since been considered one of the best political magazines in Russia. There are many interesting and diverse materials, including those that he uses with students. About the 24 hours of Russia" angadanan learned two months prior to the event.- The gist of it was that on a certain day during the day to send to the editor one photo from every corner of Russia. Professional or Amateur doesn't matter in this regard. One of the main conditions is to take photographs of what appears to be really important and interesting. Читать полностью -->

In Angarsk celebrated the Day of local self-government

In Angarsk celebrated the Day of local self-government  In the Central square of Angarsk on April 26, the townspeople celebrated the Day of local self-government. Were deployed colorful exhibition on the activities of the councils of apartment houses, public organizations, worked health fairs, municipal services, and financial literacy."Local government day is celebrated widely, because it is a General holiday for the people living together in one area, not indifferent to the fate of their homeland. Today they have the opportunity to show the results of their work, " says acting mayor Anton AMO Medco.On the stands of the councils of apartment buildings reports about their work with children and adults, improvement of territory, the conduct of domestic sports events and celebrations."On the square will present its activities 14 community boards, it is the winners of the city contest. They have many years of work in the field and can show results. We were approached by people, admire the photos of manicured entrances, flowering lawns, playgrounds and sports grounds. Many wonder: is it true that we have done all this themselves? Of course! It is necessary to take the case, then it'll be fine!" - told the expert in public relations, "Center for support of public initiatives" Anastasia Mackiewicz.A feast of local self-government is a festive event. Читать полностью -->

The culmination of the anniversary celebrations - Carnival

The culmination of the anniversary celebrations - Carnival  3 December, the head of the city Leonid Mikhailov held a meeting of the organizing Committee for the 60th anniversary celebration of the city Day. As part of the anniversary the city administration has already started work on landscaping , these activities continue next year. It is planned to put in order the city's parks, repair roads and driveways, to carry out tenders for the landscaping among management companies.The chief Director of the city Day celebrations Tatiana Bachin said about the climax of the anniversary celebrations is the carnival, which will bring together residents of the city into one big bright column, enterprise Angarsk will participate in the parade and will present their work collectives. All venues of the city will be held a festive theatrical performances and competitions for all ages: in the Park of the Builders for the elderly will play the orchestra and prepared a special program for young people will also operate several sites. Complete the great fireworks celebration, which will be located at several points of the city.The press service of the municipality "City of Angarsk"". . Читать полностью -->

House for new families will appear soon in Angarsk

House for new families will appear soon in Angarsk  Construction of a new residential complex will begin in 22 district of the city of Angarsk, on this day, August 8, at a press conference said the Deputy mayor Dmitry Chernyshov, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ZAO "complex", Moscow city Duma Deputy Sergei Petrov.22 the district plans to build a complex of 15 block sections. This project can be called a social. Housing here will be able to purchase young families.According to Sergei Petrov, this complex is designed to service urban social programs, primarily includes a 3 block section 170 apartments, commissioning of which is scheduled in late 2012. Construction began with the development of the site.-Today, the city signed an agreement in the framework of the existing rules on payments of compensatory planting, amount is 2 million 503 thousand. Paid 500 thousand at once, before the onset of work and 200 thousand per month until payment of all amounts, - said Sergey.As of August 1, 2011 only the New apartment – a loan to a young family in 2006 -2020," in the queue are more than 450 young families. In 2011, 100 of them will be able to take part in it.Another program "Development of mortgage lending and the promotion of new housing construction in the city of Angarsk in 2011," provides for the Angarsk right to receive social benefits in the payment of the initial payment. Читать полностью -->

For the contest "Municipal projects, Irkutsk region, Angarsk district submitted 10 social projects

For the contest Presentation of social projects of the municipalities of the Irkutsk region was held on August 10. In the work of the Commission was attended by representatives of the office of the Governor, the regional government, deputies of the Legislative Assembly. Angarsk region presented 10 projects from Meretskov, Sawataishi and Oginskogo municipalities.- Submitted projects must meet three basic criteria: compliance with urgent problems, short term performance and availability absolute financial security, said the first Deputy Chairman of the government of the Irkutsk region Vladimir Pashkov. – In addition, they should cover their action as much as possible of the population.Projects AMO presented the head of administration Anton Medco.In Angarsky district decision on the development of investment projects was taken at the village meetings.- The residents themselves chose the most important areas for investment in its territory, - said the head of administration of AMO Anton Medco. – Savvateeva submitted four, meet and Odins three of the project, and that the actual problems of rural settlements.In Savvateeva MO considered the primary training program for municipal infrastructure of the village for the heating season. In Imagescom MO relevant provision settlements Huy, Cybister drinking water and purchase of equipment for volunteer fire departments. Читать полностью -->

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